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In today’s tough economical periods, many people need some economic assist. Will you need a pay day loan? This article will give you some tips about how to appropriately manage a pay day loan.
Know what APR means well before agreeing to your payday loan. APR, or yearly percentage amount, is the quantity of fascination the firm charges in the loan when you are paying out it rear. Though online payday loans are quick and hassle-free, compare their APRs together with the APR charged from a financial institution or even your credit card company. Most likely, the paycheck loan’s APR is going to be greater. Check with precisely what the payday loan’s rate of interest is first, before making a choice to borrow any cash.
Be mindful with the private information if you are applying for a cash advance. When you obtain a personal loan, you’re accustomed to revealing significant personal details like SSNs some fraud artists utilize this by creating bogus lenders to be able to work identity fraud rackets. This info could be employed to steal your personality as a result, make sure you utilize a respected business.
Learn what the lender’s phrases are well before agreeing into a payday advance. A great deal of loan providers require you to currently be hired as well as to show them your most up-to-date verify stub. It will help make certain you have the income available to pay back the money.
The resources it is possible to obtain via payday cash loans may vary significantly. Income levels would be the determining aspect for these personal loans. The business will consider your wage and discover just how much dollars they may personal loan you. You must learn this when considering implementing using a paycheck loan provider.
Take into account just how much you truthfully have to have the dollars you are contemplating credit. When it is something which could hang on until you have the cash to acquire, use it away. You will probably discover that payday loans usually are not a reasonable option to invest in a large Television for a football online game. Reduce your borrowing through these loan companies to crisis scenarios.
Only provide pay day loan providers appropriate information. Give them appropriate proof that demonstrates your revenue just like a pay stub. Also, make sure to provide them with the proper phone number. Providing them with the wrong information, or otherwise providing them with the details they need, can lead to an extended await your loan to endure.
If the unexpected emergency is here, so you needed to use the assistance of a payday financial institution, be sure you pay back the payday cash loans as quickly as you can. Plenty of individuals get them selves inside an far worse monetary combine by not paying back the loan in a timely manner. No only these loans have a top once-a-year portion level. They have high-priced extra fees that you will turn out spending should you not repay the borrowed funds on time.
Consider every one of the payday advance choices before you choose a payday loan. Some loan companies require repayment in 14 time, there are several loan providers who now give a 30 day word that may meet your needs better. Different payday advance loan companies might also provide distinct settlement alternatives, so find one that fits your needs.
You need to never ever perform a payday advance except if it is really an unexpected emergency. Personal loans such as these can issue borrowers to much more serious dollars difficulties. Payday creditors need their debtors to accept to incredibly prohibitive and inflexible deals that are not forgiving of challenging scenarios. It really is a smart idea to come up with a wise decision here and simply use this sort of financial loan being a final option.
Learn the regulations in your state relating to payday loans. Some loan companies attempt to pull off increased interest levels, charges, or various charges they they are not legally permitted to charge. Lots of people are just grateful for the bank loan, and do not query these things, making it simple for loan providers to continuing getting away together.
When you are considering a cash advance, take into account going for a cash loan in your charge card as an alternative. Whether or not the interest in your visa or mastercard is great above 25% it is nevertheless less than the rate of interest on payday loan. By using a cost of 15Percent with a two-few days loan, that is quite common, the annual interest shirts 400Per cent.
When obtaining a pay day loan, be sure that all the information you give is precise. In many cases, stuff like your career history, and residence might be approved. Ensure that your facts are proper. You are able to prevent receiving dropped for the payday loan, leaving you powerless.
Some individuals are finding that pay day loans can be the real world savers in times of fiscal pressure. When you are looking at payday cash loans, you should make a fiscal plan for the quick and long-term. If you plan stuff appropriately, your wise economic decisions today may well boost your economic situation going forward.

Birmingham is a city that is situated in the West Midlands in Britain and is the second largest city in the England. This city has been closely associated with the industrial revolution and is called as “Workshop of the world”. Today this city is known as a major shopping destination in the world.

The city of Birmingham is known for its strong industrial heritage and thus you might not expect those museums and art galleries where you can see the past and heritage of the city. However, there are some of the places in the city which are known to preserve the industrial heritage of the city.

Some of the museums and art galleries of Birmingham are:

Aston Hall: This is a mansion that was made between 1618 and 1648. This hall is known for its collection of artwork and other works that were made during the time of Renaissance. Most of the hall was destroyed during the World War I and II and English Civil War. This hall is visited by Arthur Conan Doyle and Washington Irvin. The Aston Hall is known for its Christmas event that takes place in every two years.

Birmingham Museum of Fine Arts: This art gallery is situated in the University of Birmingham where the works of many students and other community is kept here. There is a permanent collection room where all the Pre Raphaelite paintings are kept. Cadbury Chocolate Museum: This is another interesting museum where you can spend some time. This museum showcases the art of making chocolates and also highlights the history of making chocolates. This museum is owned by a renowned chocolate making company, Cadbury. There is an entry fee which needs to be paid and you can get some free chocolates from the company.

IKON Gallery: This is a small gallery that is known for its collection of beautiful and conceptual artworks. Also visit the café of the gallery that offer excellent coffee and sandwiches.

Soho House: This is an elegant home of one of the leading industrialist in England, Matthew Boulton who used to live here. He formed the Lunar Society that worked on various scientific principles and most importantly, Astronomy. Some of the greatest engineers, scientists and doctors of his time used to stay at his house so that they can do research and study easily.

Thinktank: This is an interesting science museum where you can learn the different laws and principles of physics by doing simple activities and experiments.

Because you are reading this article, I know two things about you.

1. At some point in your life, your mind and your heart declared: ‘I am an artist.’

From that moment it was true. You are an artist, even though the declaration may have been made in silence, in the privacy of your own thoughts.

2. Very soon, the question arose: How can I get my work shown?

In the current climate of relentless inclusiveness, an over-used slogan pushes the nice line: ‘Everything is Art and everyone is an artist.’

The hard truth is: there are two kinds of people who create artistic works.
They are the artist and the hobbyist. To be a hobbyist is a valid choice – if made by choice, rather than by lack of courage to face public judgement. But the artist has a gut-deep need to show his or her work. She or he has to share it with an audience.

I know these things about you because I’ve been there. Over a span of nearly forty years, I’ve been both artist and gallery owner-director. Back when I was starting out, most of what happened to further my career was just a matter of trying this and that, failing at some points, stumbling upon the things that worked. I would have given a lot for a handbook to show me the way. So, I can tell you I understand much of what you are facing now and I’m glad to have an opportunity to make some suggestions that will ease your path.

Making art is not a business. But making a living from your art depends upon the business of showing it to sell it.

The options for getting your work shown fall into four main categories.
1.) Public galleries – funded and run by governments

2.) Private galleries – funded and run by an individual owner

3.) Art shows – funded and organised by art societies or charities

4. The Internet

Each of these options has its benefits and its disadvantages. Only one thing is certain: you have to try at least one of them.

As you read, you’ll soon notice my personal biases for and against each option discussed. I make no apology for this, when it comes to Art, I cannot lie for the sake of politeness.

Art is serious – a recent theory even proposes that ‘Art made us human.’ Your art is the most serious thing in your life, so I will write here in the same way I talked to emerging artists at my galleries.

Let’s look at the options, one by one.

The public gallery.
The fundamental thing for the artist to remember about public galleries is: they are departments of government. Thus, they are expressions of political will. At their best, they offer exhibits of art from diverse cultures or periods or Movements, presented by informed curators in a logical sequence. Their purpose is to entertain and offer alternatives for the public to consider. At worst, they become well-intentioned gestures towards giving the public what is deemed to be ‘good’ for it.

Many, perhaps most, public galleries are founded upon donations of works given by collectors or artists. In time, governments amended the laws that endowed such generosity with a tax benefit for the giver. Now, public galleries must increasingly resort to other means of acquiring artworks deemed ‘worthy’ or ‘important’ for their collections. Whether through auction sales or by direct negotiation with collectors, this requires serious money.

Though the shortfalls are eased by philanthropists, corporate or private, their generosity may be bracketed by conditions that reflect the commercial, financial or political interests of the donor. Although the public – through taxes – provides the funds for acquisitions, it gets no say in what is bought. This is why a large sector of the public considers public galleries to be only for the elite of the art Establishment.

For the artist, the question is: do you wish to be part of it?
If you choose this path, your first step will be to join up as a member of the gallery community. From there, you will be required to follow the protocols of the government department under which the gallery operates and the preferences of the curator who has tenure at the time. Both of these are subject to change and are not negotiable by an ’emerging artist’ such as you, the newbie. Your work is not likely to be shown except as part of a group exhibition.

This is all I can tell you about public galleries, and it comes only from listening to artists who chose this option. It is not a path I ever chose. But at roughly mid-career, it ‘chose’ me, when the local government of my city commissioned from me a painting for the opening of the Cairns Regional Art Gallery, where my Portrait of Lady Norman is on permanent display.

In the next article, I’ll be telling you about the second of the four options for getting your paintings hung: the Private gallery in the high street.

Recently, one of our customers, Amy Smith, Marketing Director at Thompson McMullan, shared her thoughts with us on her firm’s decision to use engraved letterhead…

“Law firms have certainly changed over the past couple decades and while many have gone to printing their own letterhead, the four firms I have worked with have remained true to the high-end engraved letterhead. My attorneys appreciate the quality and elegance the letterhead portrays…When your stationery sets the tone, it is easy for clients to feel assured that their attorneys are top notch.”

Do you want to learn more about engraving and the impact it can have on your image? Read on…

Introduction to Engraving
Engraving brings unparalleled elegance and dimension to everything it touches. Universally regarded as the finest way to set ink on paper, engraving lends a look of prestige to any design. Engraving combines tactile interest with rich opaque colors, and can reproduce fine lines and solids with stunning clarity and consistency. While engraving may add some time and cost, the results will distinguish your printed materials and your brand with classic quality.

Benefits of Engraving
Although engraving has been used for hundreds of years, the process used today blends traditional craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology to produce optimal quality. The inherent benefits of engraving include:
• Stay true design – Ability to reproduce fine lines and solids with stunning clarity and consistency ensures that printed images are true to the designer’s intentions.
• Stay true color – Keeps a uniform PMS color throughout any project.
• Flexibility – Allows for the placement of light color inks over dark backgrounds to create tactile textures and images. Burnished metallic inks can also be used to add dimension to any design.
• Compatibility with desktop printers – Engraving inks are environmentally friendly water-based compounds that do not “break down,” melt or smear when subjected to the very high temperatures of modern desktop printers.
• Environmentally friendliness – Engraving inks are ideally suited for recycling.
Built-in security – Creates a superior barrier against unauthorized alterations because no scanner or color copier can duplicate the tactile features of raised ink.

These benefits are why engraving remains the universal choice for currency and negotiable instruments, as well as an excellent vehicle for global businesses to employ in combating counterfeit products, packaging, and marketing.

Engraving in the Marketplace – Research Findings
Over the past decade, many studies have been conducted to determine who is most likely to use engraving and why. The three studies that are considered most important are: The Yankelovich Study, Market Street Research, and The Altman Weil Study. All three are summarized below.

The Yankelovich Study
The Yankelovich study surveyed business executives about their attitudes and perceptions of corporate identity materials based on the assumption that one of the most critical issues facing any organization is the ability to successfully create a distinctive and successful image in the minds of current customers, potential customers, trade audiences, investors and suppliers.

The main findings:
• Nearly 4 out of 5 business executives chose engraving as the best option for their companies.
• According to business executives, engraved brand image tools would:
o Make them proudest to present them to a client or potential customer
o Impress them most if received from someone else
o Communicate clearly that a company is prestigious
• Engraving received the highest ratings of all production techniques in providing the attributes most important to business executives.

Market Street Research
The Market Street Research study surveyed organizations about their attitudes about engraving and the reasons why they choose to use it.

Findings included:
• 70% believe image is critical and that engraving provides a professional, sophisticated and high quality “look” that will impress clients and increase their business, all for a minimal increase in cost.
• 85% believe that engraved stationery provides companies with an established and professional image. Many stated that engraving makes them appear as though they have been in business longer.
• 92% said engraving produces a more distinctive look.
• 72% understand that engraving allows them to produce more colorful and complex logos.

Altman Weil Study
This survey was conducted among in-house Corporate Counsel, who are directly responsible for hiring independent law firms nationwide and examines responses of potential law firm clients to different types of identity materials.

More than half of the respondents said that engraving best conveyed the most important attributes of a law firm’s corporate identity, and provides a positive first impression that is easy to read and conveys a professional, quality image that communicates that the law firm is successful. Most respondents said that engraved stationery instilled greater confidence in a law firm than materials produced by other methods.

According to the law firm clients, providing a positive first impression, being easy to read at a glance, communicating a quality image and conveying a high degree of professionalism are the most important attributes of law firm stationery. Engraving outscored every other production method tested in each of these categories.

If you’re looking for a new career idea then becoming a lawyer is one that will suit many people. Not only are lawyers well known for being highly paid, but law is also a fascinating area to work in that will never get old or samey and that will constantly challenge you and test you.

One of the best things about being a lawyer of all though is of course the sheer variety of types of law that are out there. Being a lawyer doesn’t have to mean being involved in criminal cases, or in divorces if you don’t want it to – you can literally become a lawyer in pretty much any specialized field you want and that way only work on cases that really interest you. Here we will look at some of the different kinds of law available to you.

Art Lawyer

If you’re looking for something particularly unique then becoming an art lawyer is an option many people won’t have heard of. Art lawyers basically deal with criminal cases and copyright issues but only revolving around art. It will be your job to learn about art history and you will deal with museums and galleries on a regular basis.

Entertainment Lawyer

An entertainment lawyer basically works within the entertainment industry and this will usually involve dealing with things like copyright law, libel and privacy issues. It will be your job to protect the legal rights of celebrities by preventing in cases like the phone hacking scandal, and to help manage their reputation when they get into legal difficulty.

Divorce Lawyer

As a divorce lawyer you will deal specifically with divorce cases and you will deal with matters such as custody and prenuptial agreements. Some people view this as a bleak job where you will be dealing with the bitter end of love on a daily basis, but in fact your job is a positive one – to help couples get along and find a solution that is best for everyone so that they can move on with their lives.

Business Lawyer

As a business lawyer you will work to help businesses protect themselves legally and defend themselves in court. This might mean helping an organization to defend itself when accused by employees, or it may just mean advising on policy so that your clients don’t unknowingly get themselves into trouble.

Immigration Lawyer

The main role for immigration lawyers is to help foreigners to immigrate to the country, or to stay in the country once they have already entered. This is again a very rewarding job as you can help married couples to stay living together in the country they love, and help others to move to the place that they feel happiest.

Accident Lawyer

Accident lawyers mainly work trying to help others get compensation following an accident on a work site, though you may also be able to work as a defendant protecting the businesses and individuals whose properties are being called into question.

This is just a handful of the different types of lawyers out there, so if you don’t see something that appeals to you yet – keep on looking!

Copyright is a legal concept created specifically to give the creators of an original piece of work exclusive rights to its ownership and usage. The term generally means “the right to copy”, but intentionally gives the copyright holder the right to be credited for the work. Ultimately, the copyright holder has the right to determine who may publicly broadcast the work, who may adapt the work to other forms, who may copy the work, and who may financially benefit from the work.

In order to qualify for copyright law protection the work must meet a minimal standard of originality. Although standards differ in different countries, the general requirements are quite low. The United Kingdom’s Copyright requirement states that there has to be some ‘Skill, labour, and judgement’ to be included in the work. Rather than being based on whether the piece of work is unique, the Copyright Law accepts the right of the original author on whether the work is an original creation instead. This specific point in the law enables two authors to own first copyright on two substantially identical works as long as the replication of the works is coincidental rather than intentionally copied.

The 1988 Copyright, Designs, and Patents Act states that Copyright ownership ensures several exclusive rights are given to the first copyright holder. If an original work is under copyright, it is an offence for an additional party to:

Adapt the work
To produce copies or reproductions of the work
Import or Export the work
Rent, lend, or issue copies of the work to the public
Perform, broadcast, or show the work publicly.
The phrase “exclusive right” means that only the copyright holder of the work is free to carry out the actions mentioned above. “Fair dealing” is a term which is used to describe the acts which are permitted to a certain degree without infringing the copyright protection of the work. Some “fair dealing” acts include:

Criticism and news reporting
Private and research study purposes
Copies, renting and lending by librarians
Performance, copies, or lending for educational purposes
“Time shifting”, a term referring to the recording of broadcasts for the purposes of viewing or listening to them at a more convenient time
Producing a personal back up copy of a computer program for personal use.
The 1988 Copyright, Designs and Patents Act states that the individual or collective who authored the work is usually referred to as the “first owner of copyright”. However, if the piece of work is produced as part of employment, the company which serves as the employer of the individual who created the work will be granted the first ownership. Commissioned or freelance work will usually remain to the author of the work, unless the contract for service states otherwise. Just like other assets, the initial copyright holder holds the right to transfer or sell the copyright of their work to another party. Besides selling the copyright, the holder can also, if they are a photographer for example, choose to enable their work to be released as copyright free images and legally enable other parties to use and broadcast the work.

Executors faced with liquidating an estate’s personal property will quickly find that it is their most time-consuming administrative task. Executors who don’t perform their duties could be removed from office by the Probate Judge, so it is important that they single-mindedly pursue disposing of the estate’s property so that the bills can be paid and the estate settled.

What you’ll get from this article

Executors have three main liquidation options, and I will discuss the pros and cons of each in this article. Any company chosen to liquidate an estate should be vetted; I will tell you how to do this conscientiously, and I will also propose the best liquidation method. I assume that the twin liquidation goals of the Executor are to achieve the greatest cash benefit to the estate and to leave the house broom-clean so that it can be sold. Of course, there are ways to maximize the cash return for each type of sale, and I’ll tell you what they are.

Investing ten minutes into reading this article could save an Executor many hours of work.

Option 1: Have An Auction On-Site

Benefits of an On-Site Auction:

Auctioneers are very competitive lot. It should be an easy job for an executor to find an auction company willing to take the estate liquidation job, and commissions will be competitive. A strong argument for an on-site estate auction is that when the auction is over, there will be very little clean-up. If you like, the real estate can be auctioned as well, since auctioneers are licensed to auction the real estate and other titled property. In one day, the house, car, boat, RV, and all the household goods could be sold.

Negatives for an On-Site Auction:

Auctions are driven by competitive bidding. Consequently, it is necessary to have a lot of people at your auction. Big crowds require nice weather, plenty of parking, bathrooms, food, and refreshments to keep the people from leaving. Online bidding can be included to boost attendance, but it is the local crowd that builds excitement and drives the prices up. To attract a crowd, the estate must have collectibles and other quality goods. Run-of-the-mill goods that can be purchased at the local thrift store are insufficient to attract a good auction crowd.

Suggestions for an On-Site Auction:

If your estate has many large collectibles, like antique furniture or a piano, an on-site auction may be your best choice. Summer weekends, when the weather is warm and dry, are the best times to hold an on-site estate auction. The auction company you hire should be equipped with sound equipment, canopy tents, display tables, and plenty of help for fast checkout.

Option 2: Auction Gallery Consignment

Pros for Auction Gallery Consignment

If weather is a concern, you may want to consider consigning your items to an Auction Gallery. Consignments at an Auction Gallery are grouped according to the type of item in order to maximize turnout and get the best prices from their collectors. For example, there may be an auction dedicated to art and home decor, or musical instruments, or ceramics.

Cons for Auction Gallery Consignment

There are quite a few reasons for not consigning to an Auction Gallery. For starters, many Auction Galleries will take only the best items from the estate. Ninety percent of an estate is made up of items that are of little interest to the auctioneer, which leaves the Executor to deal with the remaining ninety percent of the estate property. Lastly, when an Auction Gallery spreads the merchandise out over several auctions, it can take months for all the items to sell, delaying the closing of the estate.

Tips for Auction Gallery Consignment

Before you consign to an Auction Gallery, ask the auctioneer how your merchandise will be distributed between auctions; get a guaranteed settlement date. You will also need a plan for disposing of all the remaining estate merchandise.

Option 3: Tag Sale On-Site

Pros for Tag Sale On-Site

Tag sales have several advantages over an on-site auction. For those that are not familiar with tag sales, the sale is held on the premises and in the house. Companies that specialize in tag sales are less common than auction companies. At a tag sale, everything in the house is priced, much like at a yard sale. Shoppers will browse through the house, and choose the items they wish to buy. When buyers arrive at the house, they take a number, and are admitted into the house when their number is called. Tag sales usually start on Friday evening and end Sunday evening, so there is no need to provide food or bathroom facilities. Tag sales can be held rain or shine and in any season

Cons for Tag Sale On-Site

The biggest disadvantage in hiring a tag sale company is that tag sale companies are not held to the same legal standards to which auction companies are held. Auctioneers and Realtors are bound by law to the estate by a fiduciary bond. A fiduciary relationship binds the agent by law to act at all times in the best interest of the estate. Fiduciaries are licensed by the state, must pass tests, be bonded, must hold all funds in an escrow account until distributed, and has to settle the account with the estate within a specific time frame.

Fiduciaries must also keep accurate records and follow certain protocols. Failure of a fiduciary to follow procedures can result in fines or loss of license. Tag sale companies are not held to the same legal standards, although they certainly have a moral obligation to the estate. Tag sale companies can handle the details of the sale and the distribution of the money any way they see fit.

Another problem with tag sales is that typically there is merchandise left over after the sale. Often, there is a LOT of merchandise left over. When a lot of items are left over, the executor then has a clean-out problem, because the house must be left “broom-clean” before a realtor will list the house for sale. Unlike an auction, where prices go up with each bid, tag sale shoppers want to negotiate a lower price for everything, which is not only time consuming but costs the estate money.

Tips for Tag Sale On-Site

When working with a tag sale company, read the contract thoroughly, make sure settlement dealines are included. the operator should have a solid pricing plan, adequate staff, and a solid track record.

What about Internet Sales and Retail consignment?

Internet sales work well for items that can be shipped easily, like small collectibles, books, and artwork. Before you decide to sell these items online, remember that having a nice assortment of collectibles at your auction or tag sale is what will attract the buyers to your event. If you sell all the good collectibles online, you won’t get very good attendance at your sale. Dont even consider a retail consignment; they will take too long to sell your items.

The Foreclosure wave has left many properties vacant and ready to sell in the State of Washington. Washington foreclosures are available for a steal and therefore present great opportunities for those who are looking for affordable housing or a chance to repair and resell for a profit. There are several benefits of investing in the state of Washington.

Nearly 60% of resident stay in Seattle the centre of transportation, business and industry. It is also home to a world renowned artistic community. The 2007, Gross State Product was $ 311.5 billion, 14th in the nation. Per Capita income was 12th in the nation. Main industries in the state were manufacture of jet aircraft, development of computer software, bio technology, electronics, wood crafts tourism and mining. Washington is an ideal place to conduct business. Washington has 4 of the 20 most admired companies in America-Starbucks, Microsoft, Nordstorm and Costco.

Among its resident includes some of the wealthiest billionaires of America led by Microsoft founder Bill Gates. Washington is one among 7 states that does not levy personal income tax. It is a leading agricultural state too especially famous for its apples production. It has great cultural and recreational activities with several art galleries like the Bellevue museum. Several finance companies are headquartered in Seattle. It is also a transportation hub with good rail, road and port services. Seattle is the gateway to Asia and is home to fishing fleet and cruise lines.

Washington foreclosures are good chance to buy at moderate prices. Most counties hold annual auctions of Washington foreclosures. Many counties in USA sell tax liens to investors to recoup unpaid property taxes. The lien is a loan to the property owner. In Washington there are no sales of tax liens but there are annual tax foreclosure auctions. At these auctions the deed of the property is given to the highest bidder making Washington a tax deed state.

Any property that is delinquent on taxes for 3 years or more can be subject to auction at the tax foreclosure sale. The auction is held once each year and must be attended in person. Each Tax foreclosure property has a minimum bid that includes all past taxes and additional fines or fees. Once the property is sold the previous owner has no rights of redemption. Except for two cases when the owner is a minor or the owner was incapacitated at the time of auction. These two cases have up to 3 years of redemption.

All sales made at the auction are final and the winning bidders cannot get any refund. Washington law strongly recommends bidders to research the property before the auction.

Bob Proctor is quite well-known; he was one of the speakers in the film The Secret. However, Bob is not completely thrilled about what people have been able to do with the Law of Attraction based on the information given in the film. Mr. Proctor has known about the Law of Attraction for a very long time and has been successful with it. However, he says that the Law of Attraction is incomplete, that what was experienced in the film is (to quote Bob) “just the tip of the iceberg” compared to what is really involved. In addition he says that there are actually eleven laws. And these eleven have to work together. They should not be practiced alone if one expects his life to come together the way he wants.

Hence, Bob teamed up with Mary Morrissey and created twelve downloadable tracks, each one revealing one of the eleven laws and how it works. Mary is the author of two best-selling books: Building Your Field of Dreams and No Less Than Greatness. Building Your Field of Dreams was adapted into a PBS special. She has also worked with the Gandhi and King Foundations, addressing the United Nations when she served as co-chair for the Season of Nonviolence.

According to Bob, the Law of Attraction is only a tiny portion of the potential one has to be able to manifest the things wanted out of life and the life one dreams about having. Bob Proctor discovered this years ago. As he was learning and investigating these universal laws, he discovered a book titled Working with the Law, by Raymond Holliwell. Based on the knowledge that this book brought him, he realized that it is very easy for so-called teachers of the Law of Attraction to not understand it fully. Therefore, they only give a small part of the truth. And, according to Bob, if one only has part of the truth, that’s all he’ll get in terms of results.

Both Bob and Mary declare that in just one hour per day, anyone can discover all the eleven forgotten laws. As a result, we can take control of our lives; we can be successful. As stated before, there are 12 downloadable tracks or CDs. Each one is designated to a law. In addition, Bob and Mary are offering an online workbook to go along with the CDs, a membership to what Bob calls the community for peer learning and support, and Working with the Law eBook. In addition, there are bonuses.

The first CD is “Working with the Law”, which is somewhat of an overview and introduction to the two types of human thought.

The second CD is the” Law of Thinking”. Basically this one deals with the beliefs that have been passed down from generation to generation, and that the beliefs should be changed.

The “Law of Supply” follows. Career advancement is the topic. Bob and Mary also reveal an exercise that acts as a devise to gain more abundance.

The fourth CD is the “Law of Attraction”. On this one we discover the correct way to maximize the law by correct frequency tuning.

The “Law of Receiving” CD, teaches that the more given, the more received. In addition, a powerful technique that gives the keys to bounce back richer than before is revealed.

On the “Law of Increase” CD, praise is extremely important in terms of health as well as wealth.

Number seven is the “Law of Compensation”. Here one can study how to get to the place he wants to be – where he belongs. Tips and tricks are shared to propel greater wealth, and another exercise to boost the life of our dreams.

The” Law of Non-Resistance” follows. This law deals with the ability to combat stress, how to accept nature, and how to have emotional freedom.

Law number nine is that of “Forgiveness”. Anger management, learning how to forgive, and acquiring emotional freedom are the topics.

The” Law of Sacrifice” follows. Taking control of thinking, changing habits to better the position in the workplace, and making sure that we continue to personally grow are exposed.

Law number eleven is the” Law of Obedience”. How to be joyful and at peace is the major topic of this track.

Finally the “Law of Success” is number twelve. It teaches how to turn a negative thought, immediately into a positive one, and how to conquer failure and turn it into success.

Those are just a few of the different lessons that are available on the different CDs in this course. There are so many more. And these lessons are so rich and full of useful information. One will actually want to listen to the CDs over and over, when given a chance to listen, because each time, it teaches something new. Each time a new technique, a new tip or trick to manifesting and creating a dream life is discovered.

In addition to the 12 CDs, there are some bonuses. The first one is from the “American Monk”, aka Burt Goldman. Burt is a teacher-lecturer on consciousness elevation. He has developed a prosperity program that he delivers in four modules. The modules concentrate on prosperity and happiness. One module is called the Universal Bank Meditation which obviously is used to attract money.

The second bonus is an excerpt from Laura Silva’s presentation at one of T. Harv Eker’s seminars. Laura Silva, daughter of Jose Silva, the founder of the Silva Method, walks the listener through mind strengthening, taking charge of our destiny exercises, de-stressing exercises, and the “Mirror of the Mind” exercise. The third bonus is Silva’s Centering Audio that brings the mind into the alpha level which enables inner peace and well-being.

The Mystery of Life’s Purpose

At some point in each individual’s life on Earth they undoubtedly and eventually come around to question their purpose for existing. The basis of this profound question usually begins with thoughts centered around- the reason why am I here, and my purpose in what appears as an experiential journey through this mystery we call life.

Many of us have experienced these seemingly bizarre moments of life in which we find ourselves reaching for answers to help solidify our existence permitting us to feel as though we are not building our lives on sifting sand. Although these moments in life allow for a conscious awakening that demands our attention, they are often masked or shrouded throughout our lives as momentous events.

It does not always happen this way because many apparently mundane moments within our lives carry the seed of questions yet unanswered- and if we look closely, profound answers are lovingly contained in those special moments of time. Having exposed in a previous article, Timewave Zero the premise that our universe and all within it is being sourced continuously from the same fountain of life through cycles, it surely makes plausible sense to conclude certain natural laws of life govern our existence and could very well offer solace in a turbulent sea of life’s questions. It is through the proper understanding and personal application of these “Laws of Life” that enable us to live life fully in the moment appreciating the journey of life right where we find ourselves at any given moment, in the Now. However, it must be added, we still live in a delicate world that requires of us to plan for a future while co-existing in the moment.

Could these well defined universal Laws of Life help us better understand life’s mysteries while at the same time provide a solid foundation upon which we can receive direction and answers? In short, the answer is yes! By applying a level of understanding and reliance upon these laws of unwavering reliability we may soon find ourselves aligned with powerful forces which conspire to lift our lives higher up the ladder of joy.

If we could accept that all possibilities exist in the present moment and remain focused in the Now of life, consciously allowing the Laws of Life to freely operate through us, we would soon recognize that we are in a co-created world which we have personal responsibility for bringing into existence. It is through these simple Laws that we are building a new Earth as we become receptive to our ultimate purpose for life itself. We are powerful co-creators and life is our school and playground too.

The Power of the Four Laws of Life

I would concede there are many Laws of Life; however in this post we will turn our focus only upon four important master laws that birth all the others. Given that all life within the universe of creation is encapsulated within the boundaries established by certain laws, some known and some of these we are just starting to unravel and comprehend.There are four basic, universal laws of utmost value for human life and these are the one we shall address.

It is through our understanding and application of the wisdom contained within these four Laws of Life that will determine our experiences we will entertain throughout or lives. During our lives many of our questions arise through the awareness of the very contrasts that exist having been created by the choices we made. Some of these experiences are on an individual basis while others can be experienced by the entirety of those on Earth.

Our collective (or individual) reaction to events which create our life experience are needed thus enabling us by way of contrast between various experiences to question what it is we then want to experience. Combine life’s cyclic movement and how we experience it with understanding the four Laws of Life- The Law of Love, The Law of Gratitude, The Law of Cause & Effect and The Law of Attraction you find many of life’s poised questions and formerly out-of-reach answers become vividly obvious.

Before we get into each of the Laws, it would be good to know that these laws are immutable and one cannot “break” them in the process of life here as we operate within the parameters of Free-Will. You may by choice either consciously or unconsciously turn against any of these fundamental Laws of Life and your life experience would reveal that something was “amiss”, essentially out of balanced alignment. If your course in life was not adjusted through the questioning/answer process we all go through, your subsequent experiences would become more amplified while the essence of your life experience would remain the same.

We have all heard the question phrased this way: “Why does this always happen to me?” Read on to discover the nature of these four Laws of Life and how to recognize their individual signatures in your life. Upon gaining a more thorough understanding of how they permeate all facets of our lives, we become internally empowered to co-create our own lives, and indeed our world at the same time through the infinite power residing in these Laws of Life.

The Law of Love

It is often said and conceptualized that “God is Love”. In the scale of humanities expression of this concept, for now it, falls dismally short and understandably so. Our human reflection of this first Law of Life- The Law of Love can be a very difficult one to express in such a way to foster a genuine flow of this all encompassing power. Generally, human expression of Love is often limited and in the worst case, conditional. I’m not trying to convey human love in all its beauty and shortcomings but rather the first source of the Law of Love that empowers us by attempting to express love through a filtered, human perspective.

While we may feel like love is a by-product created by something that is precipitated by an external influence, in truth, we embody the Law of Love by allowing Unconditional Love to forever flow through us. This powerful Law is never removed from our access, only by not allowing does it appear lost. It is only through this understanding or at least recognizing this limitless source of Unconditional Love is the originating source of our human expression of Love.

“Unconditional Love is the Law of Love”

Like all the Laws, Unconditional Love is pure energy and is present throughout the entire universe from the greatest to the least of creation. The Law of Love is the building block which binds all of creation together and we in human form can either allow or disallow it to be active in our lives. When you allow the Law of Love to govern your actions you have become unattached to preconceived or forced outcomes having released your will and allowed acceptance of what already is. The Law of Love binds all of us together by unifying opposites into one; and when we apply this truth the false human condition of perceiving everything as separate from us falls away opening our hearts allowing the Law of Love to freely operate.

By practicing an open heart especially in situations needing resolution that seem utterly impossible to overcome, all of a sudden they are transformed by the Law of Love. The Law of Love teaches us we cannot experience utter joy while holding onto resistance through non-acceptance of our experiences. Letting go allows the Law of Love to flow and offers answers to those difficult questions of life. The Law of Love- Its part magic and part energy science.

“Unconditional Love is the only truth everything else is an illusion”

The Law of Gratitude

Much like the Law of Love, the Law of Gratitude exists as a by-product of having an open heart. This Law is the key to unlock greater well-being and abundance in your life. One great reason for allowing the Law of Gratitude to flow in your life is because it will promotes endorphin chemicals to be released within the body affecting every cell promoting feelings of optimism, relaxation and happiness. By your body releasing endorphins, simultaneously stress hormones called cortisol and norepinephrine decrease rapidly.

That alone could be reason enough to daily apply the Law of Gratitude; feel great and automatically become healthier! Further abundance comes from the assurance of knowing you are an important part of expressing gratitude, so have compassion on yourself and acknowledge your greatness. If you focus on the personal gifts you have been given along with other points of gratitude, you cannot help but notice that it’s impossible to contemplate negative emotions at the same time.

To understand gratitude is to comprehend opposites since this is how the most powerful, beneficial effects are experienced. This Law is often expressed as an “attitude of the mind” and that is true to a degree. Actually, the Law of Gratitude is initiated from the heart then our mind follows adding imagery to the momentum reminding us of more to be grateful for if we will allow the process to unfold. We sometimes misunderstand the real meaning of gratitude and its expression simply because we again need an opposite or opposing viewpoint to posses the ability to identify that which we are grateful for. It is commonplace for most of the population to identify what is absent in their lives rather than go deliberately in the opposite direction into a treasure chest full objects worthy of appreciation, thankfulness and ultimately reflect gratitude for each.

For example, by recognizing the absence of something you appreciate, you bring a defining clarity that easily produces gratefulness for its existence- no matter what or where the object is, physical or non-physical. Even thoughts can remind us of the Law of Gratitude at work in addition to the more common sources- those outward, visible objects of appreciation or thankfulness. By a conscious and deliberate daily practice of the Law of Gratitude brings us into a renewed optimism and appreciation for all of life while banishing the power robbing opposites of fear, anger and other negative emotions. Every acknowledgment of gratitude for what you have is rewarded by awareness of more to be grateful for and anything you want in your life originates by the law of Gratitude. Your choice should be clear, allow the Law of Gratitude to flow more abundance of joy into your life.

The Law of Cause & Effect

This is one of the most misunderstood Laws of Life due to the belief that all events are predestined to transpire as a result of some previous action. It is true from the standpoint of action-reaction that expectations of future events should come to fruition if no alternative adjustments are made, simply because the root cause was set in motion. A belief that even if root causes are altered by a future event, they cannot alter one’s destiny can lead to fatalism whereby you resign that all is predestined and alteration is impossible. This is an error and is to be avoided in the mind as it has no basis in how this law operates.

The Law of Cause and Effect also known in the Buddhist doctrine as karma, ascribes that an individual’s present condition is a reflection previous life choices and these decisions could even encompass many past lifetimes of accumulation. In Hebrew doctrine this is expressed as a generational curse and in some way is related to parental DNA inheritance. It important to note regardless of doctrine, we have the power to override any possible predispositions through our current actions and emotional/mental state. Therein lays the beauty of the Law of Cause and Effect.

One of the best ways to allow this powerful trans-formative law to flow through your life is to apply the Golden Rule seeded into your heart. Doing so from the perspective that not only will you personally benefit greatly, but also the world around you will as well. Karma or, the Law of Cause and Effect can carry a bit of foreboding if ignored because if abused, time will take its toll surfacing into events and the scales of life will become balanced. Again, the accumulation of past deeds only instigates the flow of this energy and it is malleable. This forceful energy exists in both polarities and is experienced as what could be deemed as positive or negative actions-reactions.

“As you sow, so shall you reap”

This law’s application is easily practiced when we deliberately aspire to give away that which we seek for ourselves. Whatever form of energy we radiate regardless whether they consist of thought-forms or physical actions, the Universe responds accordingly. This is because- that which is like unto itself is drawn forth into existence. So, consider your thoughts and following actions. Much in the same way the Law of Gratitude operates, if you want more of anything like love, friendship, good health etc. give these away from an open heart and watch as the Universe responds in kind.

When this law is firmly rooted into your being through you heart you need not be concerned to police your thoughts as this process soon becomes automatic just like breathing. As most of us primarily exist in the 3rd dimensional Universe, we need not overly concern ourselves that the Law of Cause and Effect response time is immediate. Fortunately for now, there is a delayed response; however, you may begin to notice as you set this law into motion that your awareness can jump quickly and you begin to notice its effects are sometimes near instantaneously occurring in your life as well as others. When this is observed, know that you are receiving information from the 4th dimensional realm.

To experiment with this law at an observational level, pay close attention to events that are now transpiring on Earth. Pick any category- politics, economics, social changes, geophysical changes etc. all these are exponentially unfolding at an ever increasing repetitive pace. These action-reaction events can in many ways be associated with cyclic action playing out through the Law of Cause and Effect. For the purpose of life’s direction regarding the power and influence of the Law of Cause and Effect, one should come into agreement that we are through our willpower, are an active, interconnected participant and what we do in fact causes a ripple in the pond of life and the lives of others. As you build your own experiential evidence you become acutely aware of this law’s power because whatever you believe becomes your truth and that sets in motion elements of your life displayed and played out through the Law of Cause and Effect.

The Law of Attraction

I suspect that nearly anyone who has a passing interest in self improvement or is driven in the hope to find the magic “potion” or “spell” to live a specific life, has encountered the basic idea of the Law of Attraction. It is no shock that a whole industry has arisen attempting to cash-in financially with the ever expanding popularity of this subject. If this is what it takes to help some of us come to the realization that we each are endowed with the power to transform and actually co-create or world, then this is a great beginning.

This Law of Attraction states that whatever you focus your attention on with a higher degree of emotional energy and do not have a conflicting opposite thought on the subject, that energy will amass to the point where the essence of the desire will establish itself in your life. It could also be summarize as- That which is like unto itself is drawn.

There is an ever expanding knowledge-base derived from quantum theory that affirms the validity in the fundamental aspects of this law. While this law is by far nothing new, because the Universe is the designer and it has been in operation since the dawning of creation. We are seeing on a global scale, the infinite power contained within this law and I suspect, it has and is being used to direct the thoughts of those who are unconscious of its ability to deliver whatever one focuses their thought on (given the correct application) into a world that is of their design and desire.

There is also very good evidence to suggest that a large portion of the “2012 shift” relates to our awakening into a scientifically based realization that we are fully able on a global scale, to transform this planet into one that the majority of the Earth’s inhabitants would call heaven. The amazing point in the Law of Attraction is that all physical manifestations are first birthed by emotions, then thought. This does make sense as emotions are really energy-in motion. In the purest way, when thought is intensely and passionately focused its essence coalesces into our reality.

“Ask and ye shall receive”

What many do not understand while attempting to apply this law, it that your conscious AND subconscious thoughts each play a significant role in the speed at which the desired outcome appears. The Law of Cause and Effect are not far removed from the Law of Attraction. Both are similar laws, just like the two conscious and subconscious minds are involved, both laws operate in harmony with each other. You can apply the creation power encapsulated in this law by the very act of become a deliberate thinker. Emotions that surround thoughts are the primary indicator of what you’re beginning to create and will eventually show up in your life. This emotional component is a wonderful tool that is indispensable in knowing the direction and eventual outcome of what you are inviting into your life.

There is responsibility associated with wielding this law in unnatural, manipulative ways. The universe does not judge nor filter end results of what is delivered. In time, you will always receive the essence of your thoughts. And just like the non-instantaneous manifestation of thought-forms in operation within the Law of Cause and Effect, the Law of Attraction provides a built-in, indisputable guidance system in the form of emotions. Be aware of how your thoughts make you feel when focusing on that which you want to create. When those thoughts feel good, you are in agreement with your desire and intentions; when feelings do not feel so good, re-direct your thought back into a better feeling thought. In doing so, emotional energy remains amplified in the direction of your desire.

Finally, the speed at which thoughts physically are transformed into existence in our reality is determined by the level of agreement without doubts or conflicting beliefs to the contrary, and the proportionate level of emotional energy present. All these elements must be a match with each other and flow effortlessly in your life to have full effect.

Yes, it can be a fine balance to effectively and knowingly use the Law of Attraction and it presently requires our physical interaction to follow through with a higher level of active intuition to move things forward in their proper direction. This is never done in a forceful manner. In fact, the true full power is all in the balancing of our thoughts, emotions, and burning desire without any internal conflict for that which we want to create. The Law of Attraction is always at work, so be a deliberate creator and manage and choose thoughts wisely- thoughts eventually become things.


In the end, we are all willful creators in the world we personally experience and create on both an individual and collective level. There is great life-affirming power contained in these four Laws of Life and when you apply them or rather let them guide you life, those unanswered questions are diminished.

It would be wise to remember that now upon Earth there are many co-creative partners all bringing into creation their diversity of beliefs and desires. Soon we will hit a tipping point where as partners we will agree on key provisions that promote life on earth equitably rather than destroy life while maintaining an ever expanding universe governed by free-will.