Best Museums in Birmingham

Birmingham is a city that is situated in the West Midlands in Britain and is the second largest city in the England. This city has been closely associated with the industrial revolution and is called as “Workshop of the world”. Today this city is known as a major shopping destination in the world.

The city of Birmingham is known for its strong industrial heritage and thus you might not expect those museums and art galleries where you can see the past and heritage of the city. However, there are some of the places in the city which are known to preserve the industrial heritage of the city.

Some of the museums and art galleries of Birmingham are:

Aston Hall: This is a mansion that was made between 1618 and 1648. This hall is known for its collection of artwork and other works that were made during the time of Renaissance. Most of the hall was destroyed during the World War I and II and English Civil War. This hall is visited by Arthur Conan Doyle and Washington Irvin. The Aston Hall is known for its Christmas event that takes place in every two years.

Birmingham Museum of Fine Arts: This art gallery is situated in the University of Birmingham where the works of many students and other community is kept here. There is a permanent collection room where all the Pre Raphaelite paintings are kept. Cadbury Chocolate Museum: This is another interesting museum where you can spend some time. This museum showcases the art of making chocolates and also highlights the history of making chocolates. This museum is owned by a renowned chocolate making company, Cadbury. There is an entry fee which needs to be paid and you can get some free chocolates from the company.

IKON Gallery: This is a small gallery that is known for its collection of beautiful and conceptual artworks. Also visit the café of the gallery that offer excellent coffee and sandwiches.

Soho House: This is an elegant home of one of the leading industrialist in England, Matthew Boulton who used to live here. He formed the Lunar Society that worked on various scientific principles and most importantly, Astronomy. Some of the greatest engineers, scientists and doctors of his time used to stay at his house so that they can do research and study easily.

Thinktank: This is an interesting science museum where you can learn the different laws and principles of physics by doing simple activities and experiments.