Specializing in Law – Types of Lawyers

If you’re looking for a new career idea then becoming a lawyer is one that will suit many people. Not only are lawyers well known for being highly paid, but law is also a fascinating area to work in that will never get old or samey and that will constantly challenge you and test you.

One of the best things about being a lawyer of all though is of course the sheer variety of types of law that are out there. Being a lawyer doesn’t have to mean being involved in criminal cases, or in divorces if you don’t want it to – you can literally become a lawyer in pretty much any specialized field you want and that way only work on cases that really interest you. Here we will look at some of the different kinds of law available to you.

Art Lawyer

If you’re looking for something particularly unique then becoming an art lawyer is an option many people won’t have heard of. Art lawyers basically deal with criminal cases and copyright issues but only revolving around art. It will be your job to learn about art history and you will deal with museums and galleries on a regular basis.

Entertainment Lawyer

An entertainment lawyer basically works within the entertainment industry and this will usually involve dealing with things like copyright law, libel and privacy issues. It will be your job to protect the legal rights of celebrities by preventing in cases like the phone hacking scandal, and to help manage their reputation when they get into legal difficulty.

Divorce Lawyer

As a divorce lawyer you will deal specifically with divorce cases and you will deal with matters such as custody and prenuptial agreements. Some people view this as a bleak job where you will be dealing with the bitter end of love on a daily basis, but in fact your job is a positive one – to help couples get along and find a solution that is best for everyone so that they can move on with their lives.

Business Lawyer

As a business lawyer you will work to help businesses protect themselves legally and defend themselves in court. This might mean helping an organization to defend itself when accused by employees, or it may just mean advising on policy so that your clients don’t unknowingly get themselves into trouble.

Immigration Lawyer

The main role for immigration lawyers is to help foreigners to immigrate to the country, or to stay in the country once they have already entered. This is again a very rewarding job as you can help married couples to stay living together in the country they love, and help others to move to the place that they feel happiest.

Accident Lawyer

Accident lawyers mainly work trying to help others get compensation following an accident on a work site, though you may also be able to work as a defendant protecting the businesses and individuals whose properties are being called into question.

This is just a handful of the different types of lawyers out there, so if you don’t see something that appeals to you yet – keep on looking!